I’M A LAZY person.

Right now, I’m trying to think of certain instances in my life that would best illustrate my perennial laziness, but unfortunately, I’m just too lazy to think.

Laziness in my case doesn’t come as an aberrant inclination, but rather as a natural tendency. I’m just lazy by default. If laziness were a crime, I would have long been clasping cold steel bars in jail serving lifetime imprisonment.

Laziness is the father of procrastination, which is then a distant relative of writer’s block and all other things that lead to a mountain of accumulated work and tremendous stress. With all the burden and hassle caused by my laziness, one can just imagine how much enjoyment I can actually derive from celebrations such as Valentine’s Day. What kind of celebration could you actually have on Valentine’s if you know that at the back of your mind, you still have an article due for the school paper the next day, a finals research paper for historical writing, and other obligations I’m too lazy to enumerate.

The build-up of responsibilities is due to laziness and poor time management working together, resulting in half-baked paperworks and research projects.

To solve the problem, I figured out that some sort of strategy is necessary. The need to exorcise myself of this nuisance is all the more fitting for February. As I see it, laziness is oftentimes due to inadequate love and affection for the persons and things around.

For lazy people, deadlines seldom radiate any sense of urgency because one does not value the work at hand. Tardiness in meetings, for example, happen as one takes for granted the time and effort of the individuals one initially committed to.

Thomasians named papal nuncios

I believe that half of the solution to any problem is knowing the problem itself. In this case, I have to acknowledge my shortcomings with hopes of making the dilemma a bit lighter.

The second is the harder and more dangerous part: accepting more responsibilities. Through this, I can force myself to avoid cramming and instead be organized by planning things beforehand. I remember a tale which says the cure to one’s allergy is continuous exposure to the allergen.

The last part finally is the most vital and crucial. My mortal capabilities and limitations are never enough to fix crises of this kind, so the Almighty’s help is the final nail that will deliver the trick.

More than believing that I could overcome such pestilence in my life, having faith in God’s graciousness could assure the success rate of my plan.

Prayer: Dear Lord, thank You for all the blessings. I know that sloth is a mortal sin and I acknowledge my dreadful fault. I pray for more passion and energy. I also seek your divine guidance to help me manage my time and organize my priorities. With all these, I pray that I may never forget that it is Your name I carry in all my undertakings. Amen.


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