the University’s Tourism and Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRM) programs have been separated from the College of Education to form the new UST Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management.

“(The two programs) are concerned with the business and art of treating guests and the tour and travel profession, while the Education programs focus on teaching,” said Maria Tio Cuison, the director of the new Institute.

Due to its perceived relation with commerce and management, the two programs, which came from the College of Education’s History major program and Home Economics program, were originally slated to be transferred to the College of Commerce and the Faculty of Arts and Letters when their separation from the College of Education was first proposed in 1994, she said.

The Institute, which will be housed at the ground floor of the Albertus Magnus Bldg., will start operating in June. It will integrate programs from each program and improve the Institute’s language courses by requiring students to undergo three levels of French and Niponggo subjects.

Last April 28, UST Rector Fr. Tamerlane Lana, O.P., in his last year-end report, formally announced the separation.

Administrators and faculty members teaching major subjects in Tourism and HRM will also be transferred to the Institute, Cuison said.

Tio Cuison said there is a proposal to construct another food laboratory that HRM students can train in, while a UST Travel Bureau is will also be formed for the in-house practicum of Tourism students. Edsel Van D.T. Dura

Turismo sa kuko ng Maynila


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