PICTURES depicting the long friendship that Filipinos and Americans historically shared were shown in a traveling photo exhibit launched at the UST Museum of Arts and Sciences last May 3.

The event, attended by UST Rector Fr. Ernesto Arceo, O.P, dignitaries from the United States Embassy, officers of the Department of Foreign Affairs, and presidents of various universities in Manila, commemorated the 60th anniversary of Filipino-American friendship.

In an interview with the Varsitarian, Bruce Armstrong, cultural affairs officer of the US Embassy, hailed the links between Filipinos and Americans.

“The RP-US friendship is established on very strong foundation brought about by a series of historical events that involved the Philippines and the US,” Armstrong said.

He added that the friendship between Filipinos and Americans grew so deep that they share similar qualities such as being open-minded, optimistic, hardworking, and cheerful.

The exhibit features several photos of Americans who were interned at the Main Building during the Second World War by the Japanese invaders and the state visit of US President George W. Bush, among others.

Arceo said that the University played an important role in fostering RP-US relationship.

“The University’s Main Bldg. was used as an internment camp by the American civilians and other foreigners during war,” he said. He added that despite cultural and economic gaps between the two countries, both benefit from each other’s resources.

“Our professionals working in the US profit from the big salaries they earn while the Americans benefit from the skills of Filipinos, Arceo said.

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