“If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” – 2 Chronicles 7:14

DOES the country have a place in our lives?

Admittedly, it does not have a place in mine. More than anything else, I always find myself preoccupied with my own needs. My concerns are centered on the safety of my loved ones and myself and typical student wishes like having decent grades, the strength to overcome seemingly unbeatable deadlines and other school-related pressures.

As early as seven in the morning, I wake up with a heavy pair of eyelids desperately wishing the up. Although required to be on duty, being a working scholar, before 9 a.m., I need to wake up just to be able to use the bathroom before my dorm mates. After accomplishing my morning routines, I have a breakfast-cum-lunch meal before working from nine to two in the afternoon so as not to faint due to an ulcer-resulting schedule.

Only with an hour for a break, I would then be preparing for the day’s class, which usually ends at nine in the evening. In between classes, I usually utilize my time to eat another heavy meal covering my lunch and dinner at once. And just as the school day seemed to end, my day will still be continuing while I play another tiring yet fulfilling role—a student writer.

By the time I end my extra-curricular activities, my feet would then be heading me back to my near-the-campus, a bed-space rented to spend the night at.

UST computer system on guard

But just as the night suggests a rest from the tire-some day, I would only find myself reviewing for the next day’s tests, finalizing the latest project to submit, and thinking of my things-to-do list for the next day. And after completing all my dues, I would be taking my rest, at last. This, even with the awareness of the dismal political and economic situation of the country, I have never seemed to have time even just to ponder over its betterment and recovery.

Even if I share the same sentiments with other people asking for a miraculous roll-back of oil prices, cheaper transportation fares and a lesser value-added tax rates, it is just enough for me to read newspaper headlines and watch news programs depicting how the country stumbles into chaos—for I am only a student whose only respite consists of three to six hours each school day.

I only think it over during Sundays. But of course, the condition of the country affects me. I entrust the situation unto God’s will, with the prayer that everyone else concentrate on their daily work rather than contribute to the instability. In sincere prayer, I asked for sobriety, as nothing comes out of all this chaos. In any case, every one will suffer if these crises keep up, including people who try to struggle daily already.

While trying hard to perform well at work, getting good grades in class and writing articles worthy of space at the school paper, I hope everyone else drops selfish interest and just function.

I might not be doing anything heroic, but I am not damaging anything either, especially my schedule. Anyway, as they say, great things come from small things.

Mga kulang sa pansin

PRAYER: Dear Lord, in these trying times when our country is mired in confusion, we seek your guidance. Make us realize that by uniting as one whole nation, we can mobilize toward the recovery of the country. With sincere humility, this we ask through your son, Jesus Christ. AMEN. Kris P. Bayos


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