On that sometimes annoying ID system.

The purpose of having an identification system is precisely that: identification. Logically, then, if you can be identified even without the ID card, do you still need to swipe your card on the reader? Especially if and when you are in a hurry to get to class or the office? The chip in the ID card does nothing more than to verify that it is a real UST ID, no more, no less. Prior to its initial issuance, the Varsitarian ran a series of articles on it, and the bottom line is that it is just a digital version of the old card, with the student information flashing on a screen.

Let us grant that it is a matter of policy. If it is a matter of policy, every one who enters a building must comply, including administrators. I wonder if all the priests flash their IDs. But I presume they don’t. They own this place, anyway That notwithstanding, a policy is best implemented by the example of the promoters of the policy.

So it is a matter of policy. Can the security guards at least be polite about it? My sincere apologies to the security force, but unfortunately, there are bad apples in the basket.

Case in point: a friend storms the office one night, complaining of harassment by the guard on duty at the back entrance of the Main Building. Apparently, this guard was implementing an “exit only” policy imposed by the Faculty of Civil Law (which is questionable because it is the Treasurer’s office that can make or approve issuances regarding these things, but that’s another column altogether). In the end, my friend was let in only after he mentioned that he was a faculty member aside from being a student.

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“Bakit di n’yo sinabi agad na faculty member kayo?” asked the guard. (Mga faculty member, pwede pala, ayon sa pangyayari.)

“Ano ang pangalan n’yo, manong?” my friend asked the guard, intending to seek clarifications from the Security Affairs office.

The guard gave his name, but allegedly retaliated, “Kukunin ko rin po ang pangalan ninyo.” (I wonder to whom he would report my friend. Common sense says he was only trying to scare my friend into not reporting into the Secuirty Affairs Office.)

This writer wonders what significance the system has if the guards don’t even read the screens, IDs, registration forms and other things presented for identification. In the front entrance of the Main, for example. You’d get annoyed too if you are already in the lobby and the guard shouts an irritating “EXCUSE ME!” and then rudely points to the card-reading machine, only to not read the screen when you flash your ID. Nakatayo lang sya sa tabi e. For all he knows, my name may be Fathur.

Just a thought: yung mga guards kaya, nagpa-flash ng IDs?


The school year once again is at an end. I wish to convey my warmest congratulations to the graduating students. May you carry the Thomasian torch wherever you’re headed.

As to fellow undergraduates, our time will also come. In the meantime, let us make our stay meaningful, and help the University improve through meaningful feedback. In the end, that will redound to our benefit.



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