I HAVE always been fond of talking about school rivalries especially with my group of friends who are mostly from the “three hyped universities”. Even online, I would often be tagged as the “defender of UST” and I would move heaven and earth just to prove to others that UST is the best. Of course, I’ll get the shabby treatment and a stream of negative feedbacks but it doesn’t matter because I know the University at heart.

Unfortunately, not many Thomasians share the same sentiment about their alma mater. They would graduate not knowing even the name of their regent or the patron saint of their college. You ask me what good it will do to your future? This I tell you: if you are keen on the littlest details about our beloved school, you can never go wrong when faced with a basher. You can always stand up for our school because pride is born out of the curiosity to know what separates us from the rest.

I am particularly irked about quite a number of dumb posts in pinoyexchange.com, ustexchange.com and other message boards by some Thomasians promoting UST to the world but only causing humiliation to them and the institution in the process. I pity these people who cannot even distinguish between farther and further. I usually find myself hoping that they had never passed through the venerable walls of UST since by their sins of omission and commission, they would only be carrying UST’s name in vain.

Thomasians by name not by heart are only passing these walls, so to speak. They rejoice with empty, not with heavy, hearts the moment they lit their candles during the baccalaureate Mass and face the blue cross of the Main Building.

UST cool to 'cha-cha'


Back in high school, I never wanted to be a Thomasian because I feared the friars would repress college life. I never imagined myself in an environment of prompt schedules, tight deadlines, busy people, and devout students in a college!

Whack! My concept of college life back then was to change my image, reinvent myself with all the worldly influences.

But it all turned out to be a defining experience. In UST, we stand at the center, but we learn to be levelheaded. We learn to be human.

To all who will be fortunate enough to march wearing the black gown, do cherish your memories here in UST. Carry yourself with pride! Thank God we are all Thomasians!


Allow me to spare a few words to some of the people who have helped me define my college life.

Best of luck to my classmates in Class 4-Information Technology, especially to Dale, Alge, Brian, Ned, Marianne, Mitch, Francis, and Joanna. Thank you for making me a most-welcome adopted member of the class. To Rex, Jinx, Stein and Oan, we are true survivors.

Congratulations to the College of Science Glee Club for bagging their third straight Intercollegiate Songfest crown last February 26. CSGC was the first organization that took me into its arms when I was still young and wandering during my freshmen days.


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