TO INCREASE the awareness among professional physical therapists and students of changing patients’ expectations, the Philippine Physical Therapists Association (PPTA) held its annual convention at the UST Medicine Auditorium last Aug. 31 and Sept. 1.

The seminar, with the theme “The Filipino Physical Therapist Facing the Challenges of being a Professional,” was in commemoration of the Fifth National Physical Therapy day last Sept. 8.

The convention was attended by a total of 400 students, professors, and professionals, compared to last year’s 120.

According to PPTA president Cheryl Ramos, the sudden increase in attendance was brought about by an active information campaign.

The convention showcased career-enhancing activities featuring parallel-seminar-workshops on research, sports, neurological and pediatric PT. Platform and completed poster presentations of local research studies and clinical training programs from different institutions were also presented during the convention.

Students were also given the chance to air their concerns and raise questions on therapy.

Professional Regulatory Commission commissioner Antonieta Fortuna-Ibe delivered the keynote address. Jennifer B. Fortno and Elka Krystle R. Requinta

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