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Tag: September 20, 2002

Med opposes Malpractice bill

THE FACULTY of Medicine and Surgery is opposing House Bill (HB) No. 4955 or the proposed Medical Malpractice Law due to its alleged inequitable and oppressive nature.

According to Medicine Assistant Dean Dr. Patria Punzalan, the bill is unfair because medical practitioners might be made criminally liable for any untoward incident that might happen to a patient.

Marketing seminar

TO ENCOURAGE the students to set up their own businesses for franchising locally and internationally, the Association of Marketing Educators (AME), in cooperation with the Junior Chamber of Business Administrators (JCBA), held the 2nd AME-NCR seminar last August 29 at the Medicine Cinematorium.

The seminar, “Doing the Business Right Through Effective Marketing Communication,” featured Bong Ungria, Shoemart Inc. core merchandise manager, and Joel Tuquib, Apo Cement Corp. technical manager and marketing professor of La Salle University and Ateneo de Manila.

Therapists hold convention

TO INCREASE the awareness among professional physical therapists and students of changing patients’ expectations, the Philippine Physical Therapists Association (PPTA) held its annual convention at the UST Medicine Auditorium last Aug. 31 and Sept. 1.

The seminar, with the theme “The Filipino Physical Therapist Facing the Challenges of being a Professional,” was in commemoration of the Fifth National Physical Therapy day last Sept. 8.

The convention was attended by a total of 400 students, professors, and professionals, compared to last year’s 120.

Psychology group is 40

IN CELEBRATION of the 40th anniversary of its foundation, the Psychological Association of the Philippines (PAP) held its 39th Annual Convention last August 22-25 at the St. Thomas Aquinas Research Center.

With the theme “Philippine Psychology: Inspirations and Aspirations”, the PAP acknowledged the people significant in the building of the organization’s legacy of excellence.

In addition, the PAP’s various goals, in relation to the field of psychology in the country, was discussed.

UST rulesTagisang Talino

THE UNIVERSITY dominated the collegiate division of the Fifth Annual Tagisang Talino, a nationwide contest sponsored by Kulturang Pamana, a non-governmental organization that promotes the country’s culture, last August 24 at the Thomas Aquinas Research Complex Auditorium.

Political Science junior Wilfred Ritona, Biology senior Michael Mesina, and History senior Rona Repancol were unchallenged at the top.

At least 200 participants joined the contest this year compared to last year’s 135.

Pope prays for 9/11 victims

IN COMMEMORATION of the first anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks, Pope John Paul II urged the faithful to pray for the victims and asked them to grant “mercy and pardon to the authors of this horrible terrorist attacks.”

MRI and CT Scan: Of magnets and beams

What is the difference between MRI and CT Scan? – John Randal B. Cruz, 4-BS Physical Therapy

CAT/CT SCANS and MRIs are both diagnostic apparatuses that provide high-resolution pictures of any area of the body. They are big and intimidating machines that use computers to construct pictures of the internal organs. There are inherent differences in these tests’ mechanisms, as well as sophistication and applications.

Pope bans homosexuals in priesthood

POPE John Paul II said that the Roman Catholic Church had to be much more careful not to let men with “deviations in their affections” enter the priesthood to preserve the Church, on September 5 at the Vatican City.

‘About a boy’ and true family

HOW WOULD you define the essence of a family?

This is the question of the film adaptation of Nick Hornby’s book, About a Boy., which tells the story of two “problematic” boys who find themselves filling up the spaces of their lives, and later on building their own concept of a family

When miracles don’t happen

heard of a “perspiring” or “bleeding” statue, or a “dancing” Sto. Niño? Or maybe a woman “possessed” by a certain ‘ingkong’ who has empowered her to heal the deadliest of diseases. Stay calm and pay close attention. Genuine apparitions will not resort to blackmail.