A world of flawed people trying hard to be perfect can be cruel, especially to those who are not faultless. We commit a lot of mistakes even in just one day, we hardly remember we did them. But some errors don’t go unnoticed. And when that happens, faultfinders can be merciless.


I could see that she was trying to hold back the tears and look calm and strong. And then, she just cried.

In between sobs, she told me that all she wanted was inner peace. “Haven’t I suffered enough?” she asked. I couldn’t answer, I couldn’t think of anything else to say since I knew that nothing I say could ever ease the pain she felt. I just looked at her and thought how some people could be so cruel.

She committed a human error and she was found guilty. But she owned her fault and accepted the consequences. That episode of her life was over and it should have been left at that. But it seems that some people don’t think she has suffered enough. They just have to keep reminding her of her fault and “warn” other people about it so that they won’t commit the same mistake.

She reminded me of the Gospel story where a woman was condemned for adultery. How could I forget: “Let him who has no sin cast the first stone?”


It is so easy for us to see other people’s mistakes and so hard to admit our own. Still, nothing is wrong with reprimanding others as long as it stems from sincere intentions.

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Oftentimes, we become blind to our own errors out of our innate pride. We are slow to own up our faults because we feel we become less of a person if we do so. This is why we need people who are brave and honest enough to tell us we are wrong. People who sincerely do it for our own good.

But we need to be wary. Not all people are sincere. Some of them capitalize on our mistakes and make us suffer for them. It’s as if they deliberately poke into your wounds until you bleed even more. These people don’t care if you have suffered enough, they just need to repeatedly remind you how imperfect you are. Still, I can’t understand how some people can take delight in another’s misery.

Perhaps, they keenly find fault in others so they can cover up their own imperfections.

Unfortunately, however, they don’t realize that when they throw muck at others, they get filthy themselves. Perhaps, even filthier.


Nevertheless, the universe is essentially fair. Whatever good, or bad, you do will always find a way to come back to you.

The last time I talked to her, the problem was settled. I’d like to think that she was beginning to regain her lost peace––something she needs as she starts to heal her wounds. She was grateful it was over. She needs no retribution.


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