Candle-light bearingThomasian graduates  marvel at the fireworks display which capped the annual Baccalaureate Mass and send-off rites for them last March 20 at the UST Grandstand. Photo by PAUL ALLYSON R. QUIAMBAO

AMID economic uncertainties, UST Rector Fr. Rolando de la Rosa, O.P. reminded the close to 7,000 University graduates to rejoice, “for God is in control of us,” challenging them to view their problems in a different light.

“How can one rejoice when people say ‘welcome to the world of the unemployed?’” De la Rosa asked in his homily during the Baccalaureate Mass last March 20 at the UST Grandstand.

“Rejoicing is not pretending not to have problems. It is to thank God for he is in control of us,” he added.

While most people feel down during tough times, Thomasians must thank God for challenges because these hone a person to become greater and better individuals.

If the world is a perfect place, there is no room for improvement, he added.

De la Rosa called on the graduates to focus their eyes on God and find rest in Him.

“If there is no light, how can we appreciate the coming of the dawn?” he added.

He challenged the sea of students to “succeed where most seniors have failed.”

‘Count the pimples’

“Show your love by rejoicing and remembering the most important people in the world tonight, the ones beside you,” De la Rosa said. “Count the black and white heads, pimples, and all the blemishes of your classmates. This may be the last time you will see each other again.”

The mass ended with a showcase of fireworks, followed by the traditional Recessional Parade at the Arch of the Centuries.

The ceremonies drew more than 7,000 guests, including parents and guardians of the graduates and UST employees.

Opposing musical poles

The following are the number of graduates per college: Faculties of Ecclesiastical Studies (112); Civil Law (82); Medicine and Surgery (410); Pharmacy (700); Arts and Letters (628); and Engineering (669); and the Colleges of Education (320); Science (574); Architecture (369); Commerce (830); Graduate School (240); Nursing (385); Rehabilitation Sciences (141); Fine Arts and Design (590); Accountancy (405); Tourism and Hospitality Management (355); and Conservatory of Music (70).


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