STUDENTS seemed to prefer long queues at the UST Seminary Gym over the new online enrollment procedure, which drew only 870 enrollees.

Polly Blanco, Santo Tomas e-Service Providers head technician, said the low turnout of online enrollees showed the “natural tendency” of students to use enrollment days to catch up with each other after the semestral break.

Because of this, Blanco called for a stronger information campaign to allow students to become familiar with the online process.

“Personally, I think the University should exert more effort to disseminate information so the students no longer have to endure the long queues,” Blanco said.

The Faculty of Pharmacy had 159 online enrollees, the highest among 11 colleges and faculties allowed to use the system, while the Conservatory of Music had only one online applicant.

The Ecclesiastical Faculties and Graduate School were excluded from the online procedure because of their “complicated” enrollment schemes.

Blanco encouraged students to send their comments, suggestions, and complaints regarding the online enrollment system to

At the Seminary Gym, a new queueing system drew the ire of students and parents who had to wait outside the gym.

Before, enrollees went inside the gym to line up. Last October, enrollees were asked to sit by rows outside the gym to wait for their turn.

Security guards said the procedure was “systematic,” but enrollees saw it as time-consuming.

Journalism junior Danalyn Lubang said the new process led to “line-grabbing” as some students jumped the queue.

“My daughter’s enrollment was scheduled 11 a.m. We were here as early as 9 a.m. How come we’re still here lining up when it’s 3:30 p.m.?” said Joy Adona, a parent.


Roberto Evangelista, Office for Student Affairs assistant for special services, said the students were “aggressive” and “uncontrollable” during enrollment and were hurling “all sorts of curses” to the security guards stationed at the gym.

“The students were very violent. Whenever I would let a group come in, they would cry foul and scramble over the vacated benches,” Evangelista said.

On the third day of the enrollment period, an express lane for graduating students was created to lessen “line-clogging.”


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