JUDGMENT day for candidates in the May 10 national elections is fast approaching, and politicians are banking more on their campaigns with catchy jingles and celebrity endorsers. But what clicks and what doesn’t for Thomasians? Here are some of the answers.

Among all the candidates’ commercials, which one is your favorite?

I like Manny Villar’s commercial jingle, nakaka-LSS (last song syndrome) kasi eh [I like Manny Villar’s commercial jingle because it sticks into my head].
– Sarah Gaba, second-year, Nursing

I like Gilbert Teodoro’s. His commercial is different from the others’, and it has a unique theme. He looks very capable and intelligent.
– Caryl Vegamora, first-year, Commerce

My favorite is Jejomar Binay’s commercial because he was able to do a lot for Makati and he has proved a lot to the people.
– Alyana Rances, fourth-year legal management

The commercial of women senators under the Nacionalista Party is my favorite because it’s very persuasive, and many women can relate to them.
– Carmela Gamboa, third-year psychology

Juan Ponce Enrile’s commercial is my favorite one. The presentation is good, and his tagline “Gusto ko, happy ka” [I want you to be happy] is effective. Plus, the song is very catchy.
– Tom Wilfred Ogena, first-year Nursing

What makes a political advertisement effective?

For me, it is effective if I can see the candidate’s goals and platforms in the commercial, his achievements as well as his background.
– Vanico Fajardo, fourth-year Accountancy

I just want a simple yet informative commercial about the candidate. I don’t like it when it’s too flamboyant, especially when they praise the politician so much.
– Madelyn Ebro, third-year communication arts

The clarity and straight-forwardness of what the candidate is saying is very important. His tone and manner of speaking says so much about the politician, and it shows his confidence and sincerity. It can help voters identify whether he’s serious or just making make-believe promises.
– Jairon Jurilla, third-year Pharmacy

I want a simple yet straight-to-the-point commercial. Usually in political advertising, if a candidate wants to win votes, he usually shows something grand. I don’t like that.
– Julia Payumo, first-year advertising

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