APOSTOLIC nuncio Archbishop Edward Joseph Adams has urged Thomasians to “work for truth, understand it more deeply and make it known to others in a way that corresponds to their particular role [in] research, studies, works, and responsibilities.”

In his homily during the annual Misa de Apertura (Opening Mass) last June 15, Adams said that in order to serve the truth, “it is not enough to direct our efforts towards skeptical or scientific knowledge nor is it enough to let ourselves be guided by wisdom of a purely human mind. We know well that this is not the way of Christ.”

Theoretical or practical knowledge alone, without faith, has led to the “opposite” instead of producing progress, blaming the present crisis and difficulties on negligence of the “eternal verities.”

“It resulted in a world of contradiction and confusion which has led to uneasiness amid the many lights that today offer men hope. There are also dark shadows that torment and distress,” he said.

In this time of crisis, being able to foster living faith will enable both professors and students to become “light and shine in the darkness.”

Opening the academic year, Adams invited Thomasians to always be attentive to Christ and to his vicar on earth and asked the Blessed Mary’s intercession so “that all of us might, as a fruit of deep study, and of an intense light of piety, be strong in the faith to be able to respond to the expectations of the Church and of our world.”

Another year of study, of intellectual seriousness, is another opportunity for “a period of intensification of the faith,” he said.

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During the homily, Adams recognized the University’s mission to “lead many”.

“Surely, this venerable institution, this Pontifical and Royal University of Santo Tomas which prepares to celebrate the very special anniversary, has done much this past 400 years to extend the Master’s presence and to make known His truth,” Adams said.

“The 400th anniversary of this University is drawing near, and it provides dictation to contribute to what this ancient institution, this alma mater has always offered: intellectual growth, contemplation, and zeal for right living and mission, common mission which all Christians had; to extend the Master’s presence and to make known His truth, His unending grace,” he added.

UST administrators, professors, non-teaching staff, alumni, and students gathered at Santissimo Rosario Parish to celebrate the Holy Eucharist last June 15. Rector Fr. Rolando de la Rosa, O.P., and Vice Chancellor Fr. Quirico Pedregosa, O.P., were co-celebrants of the Mass of the Holy Spirit. Charmaine M. Parado and Jilly Anne A. Bulauan


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