AN ENGINEERING student lost her spare tire last June 6 while her car was in the carpark.

In a report filed with the Sampaloc station of the Manila Police District, Bernadeth Cui, a Mechanical Engineering senior, said she discovered her tire was missing at 5:10 p.m. from her Mitsubishi Adventure.

Spartan Security Agency, Inc., denied Cui’s claim, saying there was no record of her vehicle having a spare tire.

“Based on the information I gathered, there has no record of spare tire. We strictly monitor the spare tire of those vehicles entering the carpark,” wrote security officer Roberto Mosende in his incident report.

Cui insisted that she had made sure the spare tire at the bottom of her van was there before she attended her classes at 11 a.m.

Despite Spartan’s denial, Mosende and security guards Mark Anthony Kudera and Jay Ardel Ubaldo were suspended, June 17 to July 1, for negligence of duty.

But Cui said she saw Mosende and Ubaldo on duty in the carpark during their first week of suspension.

Spartan said in a phone interview that the suspension was put on hold because Cui did not agree with the penalty. The suspension was moved to July 1 to 15.

The complainant said although she was not satisfied with Spartan’s action, both parties agreed last June 11 that the guards would be suspended.

Cui added that during the discussion, Spartan refused to accept liability for the theft.

The carpark charges P36 for the first two hours of parking and P14 is added for every succeeding hour or fraction of an hour. Security cannot check who took the spare tire as there are CCTV cameras only in the security booths and on the ground floor.

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The UST Security Office said it has no jurisdiction over the carpark’s security as it is operated by Selegna Holdings Corp.

Cui said she filed a report with the Philippine National Police headquarters in Camp Crame regarding the incident.


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