THE UST Graduate School has established external linkages by offering some extension programs with other universities in the country.

Graduate School Dean Marilu Madrunio said the project was initiated due to the request for teaching assistance of the University of San Agustin’s Graduate School in Iloilo.

At present, the UST Graduate School has extension program arrangements with the University of San Agustin for master of laws and master’s degree (MA) in Pharmacy, and the Ateneo de Davao University for MA in Architecture.

Last year, extension programs were held in October during the semestral break, but due to UST’s new academic calendar, they will be offered in December this year.

“Each program runs through an intensive schedule for at least one week, with eight hours of classes daily, totaling 40 hours. The rest of the school work is done online,” Madrunio said.

Meanwhile, three more institutions have also expressed their intentions to establish linkages with the University, namely the University of Luzon in Pangasinan for MA in Business Administration, St. Louis University-Baguio for doctorate degree in Political Science and MA in Clinical Psychology, and St. Louis College in La Union for MA in Architecture.

Applicants for the extension programs will follow the same enrollment procedure and, once accepted, they will follow the University’s curriculum.

While the students remain inside the campuses of partner-institutions, they are required to come to UST for the final defense of their papers in a research colloquium.

Students of the extension programs also pay for additional costs (transportation, accommodation, daily expenses and medical insurance) of UST faculty members during their stay in the provinces of the partner universities.

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“The total spending [of students] is still relatively more affordable than when they personally study in Manila,” Madrunio said. “Thus, we are still able to reduce their financial expenses, as well as, address problems associated with studying away from home.”

According to Madrunio, the extension programs also increases the University’s number of enrollees in a way, without having to expand its physical facilities.

“Even if we want to take in more students in the Graduate School, we no longer have the luxury of space,” she added.

The UST Graduate School currently has 1,937 on-campus students.


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