July 28, 2015, 2:03p.m. – A “BIG UNIVERSITY” in Manila
was among those chided by President Benigno Aquino III in his final State of
the Nation Address, for blocking his public works projects.

Aquino said his government was trying to fast-track a number of
infrastructure projects, and urged everyone to help by making sacrifices.

“Para matugunan ang madalas na pagbaha sa Maynila, isinulong natin ang
pagpapagawa ng catchment area; pero tumutol po dito ang isang malaking
unibersidad. May lumang mga gusali daw kasi silang baka maapektuhan ng gagawing
proyekto,” he said, in an apparent reference to the University of Santo Tomas.

UST had been reported as opposed to the “flood catchment”
project, which public works officials said would involve digging under the UST
Open Field, which is private property.

Moreover, the Open Field, which had hosted historic gatherings including
four papal visits, was declared a National Cultural Treasure along with other
UST structures in 2010, a year before UST marked its quadricentennial.

The National Cultural Heritage Act of 2009 defines National Cultural
Treasures as “unique cultural property found locally, possessing
outstanding historical, cultural, artistic and/or scientific value which is
highly significant and important to the country and nation, and officially declared
as such by pertinent cultural agency.”

The law states that these areas are immovable and “shall not be
relocated, rebuilt, defaced or otherwise changed in a manner, which would
destroy the property’s dignity and authenticity, except to save such property
from destruction due to natural causes.”

It also penalizes anyone who “Destroys, demolishes, mutilates or
damages any world heritage site, national cultural treasures, important
cultural property, and archaeological and anthropological sites.”

Aquino touts K to 12 program in final SONA

In 2013, the Varsitarian reported that the government wanted UST to
serve as a catch basin to mitigate 
perennial flooding on España Boulevard. But the UST administration
rejected the proposal, citing security concerns and the expected disruption of
the University’s regular activities

Public Works Secretary Rogelio Singson was quoted as early as 2011 that
a flood catchment basin under the UST football field would be able to prevent
flooding on España Boulevard. Jerome P. Villanueva


  1. Papayag ako sa mungkahing iyan pero unahin munang magpatayo ng mga housing projects sa harap,gilid at sa likuran ng Ateneo de Manila na may lawak na mahigit 100 ektarya para mabawasan ang mga informal settlers. Pag nagsakripisyo ang Ateneo ay Magandang huwaran ito at dapat sumunod na rin ang UST.

  2. Now you know why our country is in shambles with this administration. we have a president who cannot even go direect to the point and when he talks, especially when he has some serious issues against a person, group, or institution. He has to resort to rhetorics, name- calling, pahaging and pahapyaw. a true sign of an incompetent leader. How could the president have envisioned matuwid na daan when he could not even do a matuwid na salita. He could have easily mentioned UST’s name, but no, he did not have the conviction and dignity of a true leader. Why cant the president say straight what he wants to say and direct his comments to the institution he is referring to. Simple- hindi kasi siya nagaral sa UST.


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