Sept. 29 2016, 11:30 p.m. – FORMER UST secretary general Fr. Florentino Bolo Jr., O.P. has been appointed general promoter of the Priestly Fraternities of the Dominican Order, the first person to hold the title.

Bolo’s six-year appointment was made official last Sept. 24 by Fr. Bruno Cadore, O.P., master general of the Order of Preachers. His term will begin on Oct. 13.

The general promoter of the Dominican Priestly Fraternities is tasked “coordinate all matters relating to the secular (diocesan) priests who are members of the Dominican Family” and communicate with other members of the fraternity.

“This includes constant communication with the members of the fraternities all over the world, as well as with the officials of the General Curia,” Bolo told the Varsitarian in an email.

Bolo previously held the title international coordinator of the Dominican Priestly Fraternities. The new title makes him an official of the General Curia, the Dominican Order’s governing body based in Santa Sabina Convent in Rome.

“I think that the change in the title represents a more serious intention of the Dominican Order to nurture this branch of the Dominican Family, such that a stable representation in the General Curia through the office of the General Promoter is a logical consequence,” he said.

Bolo said the Dominican Order was beginning to rediscover the presence of Dominican secular or diocesan priests, who were overlooked in the past years.

Bolo finished medical technology in 1995, sacred theology in 2003, and a licentiate in canon law at UST. He was ordained priest in 2005.

He earned his doctorate studies in canon law at the Angelicum in Rome.

Bolo served as vice rector and spiritual director of the UST Central Seminary. He was also the assistant novice master and provincial promoter of the Dominican Priestly Fraternity in the Philippines.


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