GRADUATES who wish to take Master of Science (MS) in Medical Physics and MS Microbiology can now apply for scholarships from the Department of Science and Technology (DOST).

“Last year, MS Chemistry was the only Science program in UST open for scholarships sinsce it was the only one approved as a priority field,” Alicia Asuncion, director of the Accelerated Science and Technology Human Resource Development Program of DOST, told the Varsitarian.

UST Graduate School Dean Lilia Sison said that two MS programs are now included in the roster of scholarship grants of the DOST to address the shortage of hospital workers such as medical physicists for instrumentation in medical diagnosis.

“These are the programs that the country need for development and yet there are only few schools offering them.” Sison said.

She said that the scholarships can help students go into the Graduate School where a student usually spends P30,000 to P32,000 per semester for 15 units only.

Qualified applicants for the scholarships will receive free tuition and other school fees, monthly stipend, book and transportation allowance, group insurance, and thesis/dissertation allowance.

Meanwhile, Sison said that the government still has to improve the salary of medical workers so they will not leave the country after they finish higher studies.

“The DOST is putting so much money for scholarships but after graduating, scholars still leave the country to work abroad for financial reasons. Thus, other countries benefit from the government’s investment,” she said.

UST is among nine other Metro Manila universities where scholarships are being offered by the DOST for graduates wishing to pursue advanced studies in science and technology. Verity Ayrah B. Cabigao

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  1. This is a good timing for the graduate school to put up scholarship to other programs it offes. Besides, I want to pursue MS in Microbiology at the UST Graduate School 15 years from now

  2. This is a music to my ears. With this, I have bigger chances of pursuing MS Microbiology 25 years from now. Hehehehehe. I just love Microbiology, especially Bacteriology.


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