THE UNIVERSITY ranked fifth among top-performing schools in the September 2019 licensure examinations for teachers (LET) in the elementary level, and sixth in the secondary level.

UST ended its five-year streak of being the top-performing school in the elementary LET, despite an increase in the University’s passing rate from last year’s 86.78 percent, or 105 out of 121 examinees, to this year’s 88.6 percent, or 101 out of 114 examinees,

Thomasian Alexa Maria Andrea Manlutac clinched the 10th spot in the examinations for elementary-level teachers with an 89.80-percent score.

Former Varsitarian Filipino writer Chris Gamoso was among this year’s passers.

Kezia Ambag of Philippine Normal University in Mindanao topped the elementary LET with a score of 92.60 percent.

The University of Southeastern Philippines was the top-performing school in the elementary level, with a passing rate of 96.07 percent.

Meanwhile, the University ranked sixth in the secondary level exams with an 88.57-percent passing rate, or 155 out of 175 examinees. Last year’s passing rate was 91.94 percent, or 194 out of 211 examinees.

Marlou Camano of University of Southern Mindanao topped the examinations for the LET secondary level with a score of 93.40 percent.

The University of the Philippines Los Baños was named top-performing school in the secondary level exams with a passing rate of 98.0 percent.

The national passing rate in the licensure exam for elementary teachers drastically improved from last year’s 20.29 percent or 18,409 out of 90,750 examinees, to this year’s 31.34 percent or 28,973 out of 92,440 examinees.

In the secondary level, the national passing rate slipped to 39.68 percent, or 54,179 out of 136,523 examinees, from last year’s 48.03 percent, or 60,803 out of 126,582 examinees.


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