THE UNIVERSITY posted a 60-percent passing rate in the February 2023 licensure examinations for mechanical engineers.

Seventy-eight out of 130 Thomasians passed the examination.

UST’s passing rate was an improvement from 55.90 percent, or 109 out of 195 examinees, in the  August 2022 examination cycle.

Reynell Sanchez of the Rizal Technological University topped the examinations with a 94.90-percent rating.

The University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines – CDO was named the top-performing school after notching a 100-percent passing rate. All 44 of its examinees passed.

The national passing rate improved to 62.17 percent (3,774 out of 6,070 examinees) from 54.15 percent (3,184 out of 5,880 examinees) in August.

The examinations were held from Feb. 26 to 27.


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