UST aces electronics technician board exams


THE UNIVERSITY maintained a perfect passing rate in the April 2017 electronics technician (ECT) licensure exams, but posted a lower passing rate in the electronics and communication engineering (ECE) board exams, results from the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) showed.

UST aced the ECT board exams with all 10 examinees passing. Mapua Institute of Technology – Manila was proclaimed the top-performing school for the ECT boards with all of its 83 examinees passing test.

The national passing rate for the ECT board exams declined to 80.13 percent, with 1,020 making the cut out of 1,273 examinees. This was lower than last year’s 82.36 percent or 985 out of 1,196 examinees.

In the ECE exams, UST garnered a 57.50 percent passing rate, with 23 passing the test out of 40 examinees. Three examinees were considered conditionally passed by the PRC. The was lower than last year’s 74.14 percent, in which 43 passed out of 58 examinees.

Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology emerged as the top-performing school in the ECE board exams, scoring an 88.89-percent passing rate with 24 passers out of 27 examinees.

The national passing rate for the ECE board exams rose to 41.27 percent or 1,033 out of 2,503 examinees, higher than last year’s 36.95 percent or 917 out of 2,482 examinees.


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