2 Thomasians top int’l information technology professional exams

Thomasians John Joen Lim (left) and Andrew Jose Tengson (right) ranked among the top examinees of the Asian Information Technology professionals examinations.

TWO THOMASIANS made it to the list of top examinees of the Asian information technology (IT) professionals examinations, while UST recorded a 90.20-percent passing rate.

Leading this year’s batch of new Filipino information technologists are Thomasians Andrew Jose Tengson and John Joen Lim, who ranked second and third, respectively.

Tengson graduated with a degree in information technology while Lim obtained his degree in information systems this year.

“When I took the exam, my goal was just to pass it and I didn’t really expect to be one of the persons who would get the highest score among all the people who took the exam,” Tengson told the Varsitarian.

Sawin Promdan of Thailand topped the exams.

The national passing rate was 47.6 percent. A total of 1,169 information technologists from all over Asia passed the examination.

The IT professionals examination is given by the Information Technology Professionals Examination Council, an organization composed of seven countries specializing in IT.

These countries are the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, Mongolia and Bangladesh.


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