Ex-UST rector points out who’s really the ‘stupid one’  

Fr. Rolando de la Rosa, O.P.

FORMER UST rector Fr. Rolando de la Rosa, O.P. has lashed out at leaders who refuse to be held accountable for their actions and deflect criticisms through “a relentless hero complex and scapegoating.”

In a column published in the Manila Bulletin last July 1, de la Rosa said these leaders, whom he did not name, blame others for their wrongdoings in the form of scapegoating to “ease the burden of guilt and accountability.”

“A leader with a hero complex finds it difficult to assume responsibility over his mistakes. His logic goes: ‘I am good. How can these people say I am flawed and defective? I am destined for greatness,’” he wrote.

De la Rosa said this irresponsible attitude is fuelled by the “hero worship” the leaders receive from “relatives, friends, political sycophants, and social media trolls.”

“His supporters and apologists devote their time planning, scheming, gaming, jockeying for advantage in order to convince the world that it is the people who are defective, not the leader. Attention is then shifted away from the leader’s inability to govern himself to his self-appointed role as a social critic,” he said.

The former Varsitarian Witness (Religion) editor warned that a leader’s loss of credibility due to his “stupid decisions” and unfulfilled promises would cause a “ripple effect” among the poor, triggering a withdrawal of support for the leader.

“Perhaps decades of misery will finally force the poor to say: ‘I am not stupid. Why should I continue to support a leader who is thoroughly bogus and is only good at exploiting my gullibility? Enough is enough!’” he said.


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