THE VICE Rector for Academic Affairs on Thursday said UST was working with telecommunications companies to address the lack of stable internet connection experienced by students taking online classes during the lockdown.

In a consultative meeting with central and local student councils, Prof. Cheryl Peralta said hotspots would be installed in locations of users logging in to the UST Cloud Campus. Internet connection boost will be installed in places with existing hotspots, she said.

Peralta said the plan would be discussed in detail through specific guidelines to be released by the University at a later date.

“The University will be releasing FAQs to answer the general questions of our students. There will be another meeting to come within the following days. We advise everyone to wait for the specific guidelines,” Peralta told the Varsitarian.

She also explained during the consultative meeting that mass promotion is not suitable for UST, which mostly has programs that have licensure exams and require the delivery of courses prior to the tests.

Peralta said students who obtain a grade of INP or “in progress” will no longer need to pay again for the course when they work on it next term.

Among other concerns raised was students’ mental health.

Peralta said the Counseling and Career Center of the University would help students cope with mental health issues. 

(Thumbnail photo grabbed from UST Educational Technology Center’s official Facebook page)


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