(Photo and courtesy of Dr. Julius Caesar Dalupang)

UST HOSPITAL has revived the post of assistant medical director amid the coronavirus pandemic, appointing Dr. Julius Caesar Dalupang, a topnotch pulmonologist.

Dalupang, a former editor in chief of the Varsitarian, will serve a three-year term beginning Aug. 7, according to a letter of appointment signed by Fr. Napoleon Sipalay, O.P., Dominican prior provincial and chairman of the board of trustees.

“I believe the Office of the Assistant Medical Director was revived because the task at hand is herculean and gargantuan,” Dalupang told the Varsitarian.

“The job is challenging and demanding as we keep the hospital in this time of pandemic afloat while maintaining to deliver quality patient care,” he added.

Former acting medical director Dr. Marcellus Ramirez was the last person to be appointed assistant medical director. The post was vacant for almost two years.

Dalupang earned his medicine degree from UST in 1988 and finished his residency in internal medicine at Capitol Medical Center in 1992.

He finished his fellowship training at USTH in 1994 and also trained at University of California-San Diego in 1999.

Dalupang, said to be the first Filipino interventional pulmonologist, previously served as director of the USTH Center for Respiratory Medicine.

Dalupang said he had conferred with hospital Medical Director Dr. Charito Malong-Consolacion in selecting people who will lead the departments and units of the hospital.

“[O]ur first order of change is to strengthen our human resources [..] we want to involve [everyone] in delivering holistic and quality care and we have started communicating with them, fostering collaboration and strengthening teamwork,” he said.

In July, the top leadership of the hospital was revamped, with Consolacion, a professor at the College of Nursing, replacing Ramirez as medical director, and Nursing Regent Fr. Julius Paul Factora replacing Fr. Manuel Roux, O.P. as chief executive officer.

Below are the newly appointed and reappointed department directors:

Department of Internal Medicine

Dr. Sjoberg Kho

Department of Surgery 

Dr. David Bolong

Department of Medical Education & Research

Dr. Maria Piedad Natividad

Department of Anatomic Pathology 

Dr. Rowen Yolo

Department of Anesthesiology  

Dr. Elvira Milo

Benavides Cancer Institute 

Dr. Teresa Sy-Ortin

Department of Clinical Pathology 

Dr. Rosella Montano

Department of Dermatology

Dr. Maria Rosario Aguila

Department of Family Medicine

Dr. Ma. Teresa Tricia Bautista

Department of Medico Legal

Dr. Ernesto Gimenez

Department of Neurology and Psychiatry

Dr. Alejandro Baroque II

Department of Nuclear Medicine

Dr. Arnold Isidro

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology 

Dr. Gil Gonzalez

Department of Ophthalmology

Dr. Marcelino Banzon

Department of Orthopaedics 

Dr. Alberto Ma. Molano

Department of Otorhinolaryngology

Dr. Norberto Martinez

Department of Pediatrics 

Dr. Josie Niu-Kho

Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation 

Dr. Consuelo Suarez

Department of Radiological Sciences

Dr. Emmanuel Almazan

Infection Prevention & Control Committee

Dr. John Delgado

Quality Management Office 

Dr. Florian Nuevo

Data Privacy Officer 

Dr. Antonio Alejandro Rebosa


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