FR. LOUIE Coronel, O.P., the new secretary general of UST, wants to strengthen connections between University administrators, faculty and students in line with the  “Vision 2024 and Beyond” roadmap for the University laid out by Rector Fr. Richard Ang, O.P.

Coronel, whose appointment as secretary general took effect on June 22, 2021, said he envisions an office that provides “premium service” to Thomasians.

“Our office must always be aligned with the ‘UST Vision 2024 and Beyond,’ and the seven-pointa genda of the Fr. Rector which he unveiled during his inaugural speech,” Coronel told the Varsitarian.

Among the seven key points of Ang’s four-year roadmap was to advance synergy among University disciplines, units and institutions.

The roadmap also includes upgrading UST’s information and communications technology infrastructure; enriching the research ecosystem of UST; furthering internationalization; strengthening industry-academe-alumni partnerships; advocating for the well-being of all University stakeholders, and strategic resource management for UST’s expansion.

To improve the Office of the Secretary General’s (OSG) services, Coronel said his office would initiate alignment, bridging and consultative meetings with offices and organizations in the University.

These meetings will also contribute to the crafting of UST policies and procedures, he said.

Who is Fr. Coronel?

Coronel earned his certificate in philosophy at the Philippine Dominican Center of Institutional Studies in Quezon City in 2002.

He finished his bachelor’s degree in theology, cum laude, at UST in 2005.

In 2006, he obtained his Master of Arts in Sacred Theology at the University. 

In the same year, he gained his certificate in preaching from the Institute of Preaching in Quezon City.

At the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, he earned his bachelor’s degree in history and cultural heritage of the Church, cum laude, in 2009, and licentiate in Church history, magna cum laude, in 2011. He took up doctoral units in Church history in the same University the following year.

Aside from being secretary general, Coronel is the regent of the College of Science.

He is also editor of the Boletin Eclesiástico de Filipinas, the official interdiocesan bulletin of UST, since 2012.

Coronel was recently appointed as assistant archivist of the Archivo de la Universidad de Santo Tomás.

Previous positions include spiritual director and pastoral director of the UST Central Seminary; parish priest of the Santisimo Rosario Parish; director of the UST Social Media Bureau (now the UST Communications Bureau) and regent of the UST High School.

Outside UST, Coronel heads the social media bureau of the Commission on Social Communications for the Dominican Province of the Philippines, or Dominican Communications.


The secretary general is responsible for upholding the public presence and keeping the seal and record of UST.

He is also tasked with supervising the University’s public functions and implementing policies on public relations and on student admission, enrollment, and graduation.

“My first weeks in office were quite challenging…In spite of the great adjustment, I am happy and blessed because God has been provident and the OSG staff and other offices have been very welcoming and helpful,” Coronel said.

Coronel said his predecessor, Fr. Jesus Jay Miranda, O.P., who is now prior of the Priory of St. Thomas Aquinas, has been supportive of his appointment.

“He knows the great challenges of the office and he encourages me to remain faithful in spite of the difficulties,” Coronel said.

Miranda was UST secretary general for five years.

A Dominican, Coronel said he takes inspiration from St. Dominic in his style of service.

“[C]ompelled by a burning compassion for his fellow men and women, St. Dominic accepted the ministry of the Word. It was said that he always spoke with God or about God, and began all his

actions in contemplation. By this, he advanced in wisdom. He brought many towards Christ by his teaching and living example, and he devoted himself without reserve to building up the Church, the body of Jesus Christ,” he said.

Coronel will serve a three-year term, which will end on July 31, 2024. with reports from Ma. Alena O. Castillo


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