Love for the game — and the ‘V’


GROWING up, I was not gearing towards doing the news or writing long-form narratives. I had many dreams – to play for a band, become a CPA, become a professional baller, among others.

My love for the game of basketball and a string of unexpected events pulled me to journalism, the program I will ultimately take up, and eventually, The Varsitarian.
It wasn’t until I entered the ‘V’ as a sports writer in 2015 that I learned to see the world with a different perspective.

I was shocked at the ridiculous amount of time and energy it demanded, as well as the complex personalities that I had to deal with. With those, I learned how to cope and manage.

The Varsitarian opened my eyes to things I was embarrassingly unaware of and gave me momentous memories that I know I will carry for the rest of my life.

Through the ‘V,’ I was able to experience both extremes and discover previously unknown areas of my personality vital for my future endeavors.

The whole college experience was pure hustle and hassle. I couldn’t have done it completely alone.

To the outgoing staff, I hope we all learn from and remember the past to guide us in the present and help us battle the unforeseen.

To the incumbent staff, may your principles light the fire when you’re forced to walk in dark alleys. Be better for yourselves.

To everyone else. I hope you eventually find what’s worth your time and effort. Be budding sunshines in the weeping rain.

The long and winding road will never disappear. It will always go on, ready to take you to other doors of life.


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