Communication and creativity


Becoming part of the art section of the Varsitarian and eventually becoming its editor have made me realize that media and the arts are interrelated: communication is complemented by creativity.

Starting as a neophyte staff artist in the  ‘V’, I started asking myself whether I was simply here to create trendy artistic outputs that please the audience because of their design appeal  or whether there’s more to art direction that meets the eye.

Though it’s true that we artists should have mastery in skills, we should also have a point-of-view, perhaps a message we wish to instill through our craft: our voices as creative people matter especially during our present political climate.

Former V art director Shaina Santander said on her farewell column on 2018, “There is a danger that, with the detachment of some artists from society, they may be left clueless and ignorant of the sufferings of their fellow countrymen.”

As an artist we have an avenue through which we can communicate in a creative way our opinion or particular stand on an issue to our audiences. Having a purpose is what gives our work meaning.

To produce relevant creative outputs that inspire and even compel the audience into action  is my duty as a campus press artist.

And as an art director, my duty is to uplift the artists that I am handling and push them to unleash their fullest potential in design and communication. Along with that, it is my mission to try to elevate the artistic standard of the publication.

As this publication year comes to an end, I would like to thank the people who have been with me throughout my stay in the ‘V.’

To my friends in the ‘V,’ thank you for being my anchor. I would have already quit and given up my position if you guys aren’t there to support and comfort me with your presence.

To the art section, it has been such a joy working with you all. Having the opportunity to lead a diverse and skillful group of artists has been my privilege. Thank you for your trust.

To the outgoing and incumbent staffers, thank you for making this journey an enjoyable one.

And to my past self who was desperate to find his real purpose career-wise, just hang on there, trust the process and most importantly believe in yourself.


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