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Tag: May 27, 2005

Schizie in Coda

RÉVÉRENCE (ray’-vay-RAHNSS) – to bow or curtsy. A term used to describe the formal bow made by the dancers at the end of a class or performance.


Men who do not treat women right deserve death by Lorena Bobbit. And by the time this column gets published, there would still be about a 3 million men in the world who deserve to be sentenced thusly.


EVERYTIME I leave the Varsitarian office, I seldom bid goodbye to anyone left in the room. Neither did I say farewell to classmates and friends when I graduated this March (I didn’t attend the ceremonies). Saying goodbye is perhaps a lesson I have yet to learn from school.

Being a transferee student, I find the three years I spent in UST inadequate, much so my two-year stay in the Varsitarian. There are so many things to learn, friends to keep, so much more memories to make. Now I know why I hardly say goodbye to people: it’s hard to utter words of exit.

Huling hamon

ITO NA nga.

Sa loob ng halos tatlong taon, ilang libong salita at ilang kuwento na ang nagdaan sa mga kamay ko. Ngunit sa pagkakataong ito, tila napakahirap isulat ang mga salita at kuwentong nagbigay-halaga at nagturo sa akin ng totoong kahulugan ng buhay.

Sa dami ng mga kuwento kong hinanakit, kasiyahan, at kalungkutan sa ‘V’ tila mauubusan ng tinta at papel ang Publishing House. Ngunit susulitin ko na. Ito na nga ang huling kolum ko para sa pinakamamahal kong pahayagan, ang Varsitarian.

An act of barbarism

A FEW weeks ago, I read in a daily newspaper that the Land Transportation Office (LTO) will be requiring drivers to take an exam as a prerequisite for renewal of licenses.

I see LTO’s move as a very welcome development. At present, the country has numerous reckless drivers, especially those driving public utility vehicles.

Legalize jueteng

HAS ANYONE ever won in that controversial numbers game that is all the fad again, thanks to all these messianic condemnations by no less than a renowned bishop of the Church?

I have. It was a paltry win—just several hundreds—but that was over a decade ago; I was a prepubescent, still in elementary school, and the prize was to me just hundreds of thousands short of a million.

UST Nursing: In a class of its own

NUMBERS don’t lie. Or do they?

The 2004 licensure examination results released by the Philippine Regulation Commission (PRC) showed that the UST College of Nursing ranked second (among schools with 100 or more examinees) with a 98 per cent passing rate as 362 of 368 Thomasian examinees passed.

Why UST is still the university to beat

NOBODY really pays attention when annual licensure exams enter the scene. Students, including Thomasians, seem apathetic to their respective schools’ performance in the national rankings. But more often than not, a school’s caliber is gauged by the performance of its graduates in the board exams. To UST’s credit, several departments of the University have never failed to land on the top of the heap.

Fossils link jurassic creatures

A FOSSIL discovery may have solved a major evolutionary puzzle as scientists may have found the link between carnivores and herbivores among the dinosaurs.

The fossils of Falcarius utahensis, believed by scientists to be the missing link of the two distinct dinosaur classes, was found in a remote mountainous region in Utah early this May.

Photo confirms alien planet

HOUSTON, we have a visual.

The first planet ever found orbiting a star outside the solar system has recently been photographed.

First discovered in 2004, planet 2M1207b orbiting its sun in the constellation Hydra (about 200 light years away), was photographed by the Very Large Telescope of the Paranal Observatory in Chile last April 30.

A gas giant, the planet orbits its sun at a distance of about five billion miles, or roughly twice the distance Neptune orbits the sun.

Bon appetit, banana patty

ThE BANANA is one of the Filipino’s palate-pleasers, and so is the burger. Now try imagining the two together.

Musa balbisiana, also known as the local saba, is a good source of crude fiber, which can be used in enhancing the taste of beef burger patties, an undergraduate thesis by four food technology graduates suggests.