PURSUANT to Republic Act 9266 or the Architecture Law of 2004, the College of Architecture (CA) will offer new courses by school year 2005-06.

CA Dean Augusto Concio told the Varsitarian the College is in the process of formulating competitive curricula for Landscape Architecture and Interior Architecture. He said the two new courses would make better architects out of the students as they would specialize in those fields.

At present, Landscape Architecture and Interior Architecture are minor courses for the BS Architecture degree.

Concio explained the Architecture Law was the major reason for the new course offerings as the statute provides for a more responsive and comprehensive regulation for the registration, licensing and practice of Architecture.

Landscape Architecture deals with the design of the built environment of neighborhoods, towns and cities; it is aimed at protecting and managing the natural environment. On the other hand, Interior Architecture is the art of spatial investigations and interventions.

Concio also said the College would introduce students to the Environment Compliance Certificate and make them aware of the relations of architecture the environment.

Aside from the new courses, Concio said the College has improved its facilities. He said new LCDs and laptops had been purchased and placed in 10 lecture rooms of the College.

Concio added the College has acquired five documentary cameras for the drafting classes.

“The students would now have a better learning environment with the new equipment and state-of-the-art class rooms,” he said.

Thomasian appointed to SC


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