IT IS one of the signs of getting older, together with the wrinkling of the skin. People often dread having the signs because they think being old will make them look and feel deteriorated.

People who bear these marks tend to have them altered. People with grey hair usually go to the parlor to have it colored or removed while people with wrinkled faces go to their dermatologist.

But people age, and we definitely can’t do anything about that.

* * *

Time passes by so quickly. I don’t even feel that four years have already passed and I already graduated from this University. In those four years, the last two and a half with the Varsitarian were the most memorable.

The Varsitarian was my home away from home. It witnessed myself grow into the person I am now, from being a childish sophomore to a more refined gentleman. It taught me basically how to become a better individual.

The publication had made my life colorful and meaningful. I will always remember the sleepless nights we had just to finish an issue, the coffee sessions at Starbucks until the wee hours of the morning (even though I do not drink coffee). There were unforgettable Punta Baluarte experiences, the occasional tensions in the office, the bashing, and the “sentihan” moments. These all made a mark in my heart.

I can still remember the times when we have totally forgotten that it was already past 10 p.m. and we were still in the office, working. It’s funny to know that a working place could also be a happy place to be in.

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Most of the people that I met there were exactly the people I want to be with for the rest of my life, if only we could have the same job and have neighboring houses. The people that I met in the Varsitarian are the greatest and truest friends ever.

I can say that I am a true-blooded Varsitarian staffer. I will always be proud to be one. Even though its time for me to leave the portals of this prestigious University, I will always have a reason to come back.

To the three musketeers who made my senior year in CA a blast, Mumai, Nissa and Rhea, thank you. May the four of us still remain friends until we get old.

JL, Tim, Romy, Tin, Gaetos, Yel, Kae, Anya and Mitch, my A6 friends, I hope we can still have the Lucban getaways. I will definitely want to be the “flow” some time.

Tere, study harder and be the next Thomasian Bar Topnotcher. I’m so proud of you.

To my very close V “amihan” friends, Jayme, Leah, A, Lynda, Lyn, Louie, Stephen Roy, Bennet, Irish, G, Succor, Meg, Carli, Kuya Ipe, Darrell, Karen, Girard and Weng, I hope we could still see each other from time to time.

To my photographers, Clifford, Stephan, Ken, and Jason, I couldn’t thank you more for helping me out with the section.

To my V “friendships”, Marisse, Dex, Steph, Myra, TL, Jules, Sheila, Carlo, Patrick, Joanne, Michael, Jhervy, Brix, Nat, Charles, Rachelle, Billy, Tina, Elka, Marichelle, Xtian, and Alder, what we have will remain forever.

To the outgoing EB, congratulations for a job well done.

Chinese ordinations irk Rome

To all the guards and janitors that became “a part” of the Varsitarian, thank you for helping us out in the little things that you do.

To Sir Lito, thanks for your own way of inspiring me to do my best in what I do.

To my Chemistry professors, Mr. Albano and Mr. Alfonso, thank you for the valuable knowledge that you had shared with me this summer.

To my beloved alma mater, I will always be a proud Thomasian wherever I go.

To a very wonderful family I consider my own, Nanay, Tatay, Cyndy, Kuya Tong and Kuya Dey, thank you for loving me. I am just here to be your son and brother.

And to my family, I really love you. I hope that all of you would still be there to share my triumphs and failures in life as I embark on another journey.

* * *

Bearing the marks of old age doesn’t make me feel bad. The grey strands of hair I have will surely increase as time passes by. I will never have them colored or removed because those grey hairs are the living symbols of the fruitful memories of my life worth preserving.

Good luck to all, and goodbye.


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