THE PAINTING faculty of the College of Fine Arts and Design (CFAD) will open an exhibit on July 15, at the Museum of Arts and Sciences Gallery.

The exhibit will showcase the works of CFAD Assistant Dean and Painting Department head Jaime delos Santos, and professors Bong Ducat, Ronald Ventura, Mailah Baldemor, Glory Rogers, Tess Lafortesa, and Danilo Santiago in various media, such as oil, watercolor, and mix media.

Santiago and assistant gallery curator Jocelyn Tullao will be the supervisors of the event.

According to Tullao, the event is an innovative way of introducing these professors to CFAD students and promote them to the public as experts in the art scene.

As there is no particular theme, each of the professors will exhibit at least three works.

In addition, the artists will be conducting lectures, demonstrations, and painting sessions during the exhibit.

The exhibit will be open to everyone until August 8, 2002. Elka Krystle R. Requinta

May kinabukasan pa ba ang edukasyon sa Pilipinas?


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