THE COLLEGE of Science has launched a number of projects to improve pedagogy and better prepare its students to become competent experts.

Science Dean Dr. Fortunato Sevilla III said one of the projects, learner-centered instruction, employs different techniques to get students to participate actively in the learning process.

“We are still learning all the techniques under this to find out which is most suitable to the College’s needs. Hopefully, in two years’ time, we’ll be done with the evaluation of the techniques,” Sevilla said.

To produce “ideal graduates,” the College has also released a list of graduate attributes, a document of “generic capabilities” the students should have in the course of their degree or program.

“We started to make these known, especially to the freshmen, to guide them toward competence,” Sevilla added.

The attributes are also incorporated in the syllabus, and are taken into consideration in the preparation of teaching and learning materials.

Meanwhile, the College’s “Zero B.S. by 2004” project, launched in 2002, which requires all Science faculty members to have at least a master’s degree by this year, is nearing completion.

Sevilla said only about 18 per cent of the faculty have not finished their postgraduate studies.

“We are hoping to have only less than 10 professors left to finish their degrees by the end of the year,” he said. Lady Camille L. de Guia

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