WE MUST move on.
Graduation is one of the most celebrated moments in our life. Yet this marching-to-the-stage-to-receive-the-diploma thing gives us anxieties and uncertainties.
The diploma is nothing but a piece of paper, or so we thought. Yes, it can be our ticket to a bright future. However, it has little to do with our future success. It will all boil down to what we have learned through these years. The next few months will be a test of our character. What are we really made of?
There is much comfort in going to school. We have the luxury of having a regular allowance to spend, rather than working and worrying about the bills. But leaving our comfort zones is one of the realities we have to face. We can’t do anything about it. All of us have to enter a new phase.
We have to deal with it and how we respond to this new challenge speaks of the stuff we are made of. Finding a new comfort zone is hard. We always have to start from scratch.
We’re not getting any younger. “In the past, we’re all looking for adventures but now, we’re just reminiscing them as the graduation nears,” Cliff, my classmate, said.
Looking back, we have countless memorable memories to share and even be proud of. But we can’t rest on our own laurels. We have to move on.
Looking forward, we have a job cut out for us.

The future is clouded with uncertainty.
Culture shock is inevitable for us, fresh graduates. We will leave the school with a spirit of idealism, but we’ll soon find out that reality may not prove favorable to our idealism. That spirit might die down sooner or later. But that is the challenge.
Life is survival of the fittest!
Just thinking of the unemployment woes in our country gives us goose bumps and crazy thoughts.
Graduates need to move on from living in the world of fantasy to living in the world of reality.
This is the time where we are going to choose our own destiny. It’s one of the biggest moments in our life. From here on, we are going to make life-defining decisions. Alder T. Almo

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