“In order for great people to do great things, they must not be bridled by timidity.” — Astronaut Eileen Collins

ALL ALONG, I thought timidity was all right.

As a young boy, my parents would not allow me to go out of the house and play with other kids as I was the only child then. In my elementary class, my teachers often noted my coyness, as most of my classmates were noisy and naughty.

Indeed, being timid served to pay off. Whenever the report card day came, I never failed to receive outstanding comments on my Good Moral and Right Conduct subject. Many times I was hailed as model student.

But growing up sheltered was never helpful. As years passed, I realized that the childhood praises I received were empty.

By the time I was in high school, my classmates were already outdoing one another in school activities. I was lagging behind, lacking in self-confidence to show the world what I could do. I saw that I had missed so much in my life, like getting along with friends and meeting outdoor fun and challenges. My character problems continued until I stepped into college. I learned only lately how to make friends and enjoy life.

Of late, I started being active in class, joining various organizations, going out with my classmates, and opening up my life to them. In all these, I was never wrong in befriending people beside myself. They welcomed me warmly and accepted me for who I am. They helped me grow and mature, as if there is a light in others I could only find by knowing them.

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As I am now part of the University’s school paper, I realized God Himself really wanted me to come out of my shell. He made me a writer to deal with different people, to try new things, and to gain the confidence I have been lacking ever since. I do not want any of my flaws as a child to happen again. As a staffer of the school paper in elementary school, I never published any article as I was hesitant facing people and asking questions.

Despite many reservations, I am really struggling to rise above my timidity and to gain the confidence that I need to face the world. God and others have already invested much on my formation, and I have no plan of letting them down.

Prayer: Dear Lord, I know everything is meaningless without You. Devoid of Your presence and the people You send to shape my character, I know I would be missing the light You shed to others who are also Your children.

Thank You for guiding me in times of fear and faintheartedness. Grant me the confidence, strength, and courage to face the challenges of life, as I fly high to my dreams and leave my dark cocoon. Amen. Nathaniel R. Melican


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