HOW MEDICAL education has coped with medical technology is charted by the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery’s Department of Medical Education’s Medical Education in Evolution, an exhibit portraying the development of medical instruction in UST.

“We are showing through the exhibit the transition of medical education in the University as it progressed through the years,” ME chair Roy Cuison said.The exhibit displays the department’s collections of old modules used by former medical teachers and compilations of past Medicine curricula.

Also included in the exhibit are the past and present revalida of the Faculty, which assesses the student’s capability to serve as a physician. Modern medical instruments such as the cardiopulmonary resuscitation dummies and medical examination instruments are also displayed.

Cuison said the exhibit enabled students to see some of the department’s research methods, education techniques and innovations.

“There are new concepts, techniques and methods of educating. We would like our medical students to know that our Faculty runs the top medical school in the country and is the forefront of making innovations as far as medical education is concerned,” Cuison said. The exhibit runs until June 23. L. J. D. Postrado

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