“Do for your soul what you can do for your body.”—Bo Sanchez

Once, I accompanied a friend at a posh mall for her usual shopping spree. We came across endless lines of fashion boutiques – from clothing stores sporting Italian collections to make-up basics and assorted nail tints. Unaccustomed to these addictions, I watched this impulsive shopper with ardent interest as she selected the items without even bothering to check the tag price.

In just a few seconds, those products found its way to her shopping bags. I snickered when she told me that she felt the urge to strip the clothes off the mannequin and the impulse to brush off the various items displayed in the racks.

My friend once confided that this was her way to compensate for the things she lacked.

More often than not, we get so attached to external aesthetic pleasures. We pamper ourselves with products that can enhance our appearance that we tend to neglect that part of us which deserves the much-needed nurturing – our soul.

We should smother it with words of wisdom, fill it with random acts of kindness and nourish it with daily reflections. Neither cosmetics nor trendy apparels can substitute for the soul’s fulfillment.

Best of all, we don’t have to shell out a huge sum of money to achieve that spiritual makeover.

Prayer: Dear Lord, Sometimes, we worry about how others would perceive us. Because of this, we try real hard to make people appreciate our physical appearance, even as we neglect our soul. Lord, we seek your guidance to enlighten us that looking after our spiritual self, before anything else, is more important. Amen.

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