SPANISH Ambassador to the Philippines Ignacio Salaz officially re-opened the Spanish-Filipino relationship in UST after signing the memorandum of agreement between UST and Spain for the establishment of the Aula, a Spanish Language program, in the University last Feb. 23 at the Rector’s Hall.

Salaz told the Varsitarian that Aula will initiate the beginning of Spain’s renewed cooperation with the Philippines, through UST.

“It’s like tying the knots between Spain and the Philippines,” Salaz said. “And because Spaniards founded the University, it is only fair that Spain is present again in UST.”

Aula, which literally means ‘classroom’ in Spanish, is a project of the University, Spanish Embassy, and Instituto de Cervantes de Manila, the culture and language institute of Spain.

Salaz added that the program will provide Spanish classes to be conducted by the Instituto de Cervantes.

“I am sure the Aula will be fruitful not only in the teaching of the language, but also in terms of cultural exchange between Philippines and Spain,” Salaz said.

Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Dr. Armando de Jesus said the Instituto will provide the same curriculum and courses in its branch in UST, with an office to be set up at the Thomas Aquinas Research Center to make the Spanish language more accessible to UST students.

De Jesus added that there are already five professors undergoing training in the Instituto to prepare for the Aula.

“The (Office for Academic Affairs) is trying to ask young professors to teach in Spanish since nobody is going to replace the older Spanish professors,” De Jesus said.

Still danger zone

Meanwhile, Instituto de Cervantes director Señor Javier Galvan told the Varsitarian that the Instituto will give “low” rates for those who will enroll in the University-based Aula.

Galvan added that by learning foreign languages, students will not only have better communication skills, but the advantage of getting good jobs as well, because of their improved capacity to communicate. John Rheeno T. Cabangcalan and M.E.V. Gonda


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