THE STUDENTS’ Welfare and Development Board (SWDB) urged the students to maintain a “harmonious environment” through an affidavit of commitment to peace and order in the campus.

According to SWDB director Cresencio Doma, the waiver, which UST students signed last October, serves as a preventive measure against disturbances, that any unrecognized organization, including fraternities and sororities, may cause. It also warns the students of the consequences of the mischiefs that few unrecognized organizations could commit.

“Hindi na natin hihintayin pang magkaroon ng malaking gulo,” he said.

Also, Assistant to the Rector for Student Affairs Evelyn Songco said the waiver is a product of the evaluation of the student organizations that the SWDB conducted last semester.

The Office for Student Affairs (OSA) and the SWDB has had records of complaints against and even cases of misdemeanor of some unrecognized organizations in the University. Threats from these organizations were received by some students who refused to join them.

Doma said pieces of evidence were handed over to SWDB certifying recruitments of unrecognized organizations late last October.

“The (OSA and SWDB) feel that it’s time to come up with a step to make the students commit themselves to peace and order in the campus,” said Songco.

She added the waiver served as a means to reinforce the maintenance of peace and order under PPS No. 1027 or the Code of Conduct and Discipline in the student’s handbook.

It states that the Thomasian community prohibits engaging or getting involved in any hazing or inter-fraternity or sorority disorder or brawls, inside or outside the campus.

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Some students, who signed the waivers, felt there was no need them because the contents of the waiver are implied duties of the students.

Computer Science senior Arriane James Javate said the waiver would be effective if proper implementation is rendered by the administration.

“It also depends on how the students will handle their responsibilities in to peace and order,” he added. John Rheeno T. Cabangcalan and Mary Elaine V. Gonda


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