TO IMPROVE corres-pondence and collaboration with other schools and companies, the Santo Tomas e-Service Providers (Steps) launched Thomasian e-mail (TEM) last April 25, replacing the old UST Computer Center e-mail system.

TEM is available to both the administrators and academic and non-academic employees and will help establish contacts outside UST, said Steps faculty trainer Charmaine Salvador.

“The main purpose of the e-mail system is for collaboration and online messaging,” Salvador said. “So now if we want to give our e-mail addresses to correspondences outside, at least we have an affiliation, which makes it official.”

Steps computer engineer Mario Raagas said that TEM, which uses Microsoft Outlook, can be accessed through the Internet.

The old DOS-based e-mail, on the other hand, used Unix software, making it accessible only within the University.

Raagas added that the old UST Computer Center e-mail system crashed due to hardware problems.

Interested users must submit a letter for approval to Steps Director Fr. Melchor Saria, O.P. to apply for a TEM account. Steps will then provide an initial password that will activate the account, which is accessible through

Meanwhile, a training seminar is being conducted until June 3 to acquaint users on TEM.

Tuition 'slightly lower' than usual


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