WILL the infamous Santa finally come now to town donned with his baggy cherry-colored garbs and sack of yearned-for gifts? With no intention to spoil the dreams of romantics out there, I answer, of course not. But is there any chance that he will? Perhaps.

Contrary to the fading effect for childhood beliefs that age has fated for most of us, I surprisingly reaped more reasons to hope for a Santa to come but in his rather casual and cozy suit, and not passing through the chimney (besides, we don’t have one in our house), especially during the most unholy hours of the night. That would be too risky for him. What would happen to a stranger who breaks into a house late at night, and, God forbid, in a panicky household?

To set it clear, I do not seek to ridicule the customary comic Santa figure almost everyone, if not all, is fond with. Truth be told, I believe in such a persona now – a 180-degree turn from my idea years back. The only qualm bothering me at this point is why could such a character, who has never been seen since time immemorial, live on with such vigor?

Maybe Santa’s introduction did not sink in deep because he had no space to fill in my Christmases. As far as I could remember, unlikely for a child, I seldom asked for fancy presents – only those I needed were what I wanted. All I craved for back then, and until now, during the Yuletide are sumptuous meals in generous servings.

Brewing on my remnant thoughts on the universal godfather whom I had thought was just an urban legend for easily duped children, I asked myself, “so who is Santa Claus?” The Church says that he is St. Nicholas, the Greek bishop of Myra. Legends claim that he is a man living in the North Pole with his elves, working on the gifts to be distributed to good children during Christmas Eve; thus, making himself an arbiter for good and evil.

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A column would be insufficient to completely engage in a thorough discussion regarding Santa so please allow me to only mull over his general attribute (aside from his animated look): a giver of gifts, as justice or reward for a job well done before every year ends. The qualifier qualifies many then to be Santa!

Indeed, a Santa can be found in anyone. He is no longer a fat-bellied bearded man sneaking around from one house to another with his sleigh and Rudolf and the rest of the gang of reindeers. He has become one of the lively spirits of Christmas.

I may have been mistaken to assume that Santa had no space to fill in the Christmases of the content or not-so-needy. Those who receive gifts are not the only ones who should encounter Santa. Also those who are well off may also see him – in themselves if they allow.

Santa must be true after all.


There was one Santa who came across the same street where I was on. There he gave me his gift in saying “There’s nothing to mourn about for things that are out of your hands.” Although it is hard, I still thank you. I’ll look forward to meet you again in that some other place and time.


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