THE COLLEGE of Education is offering scholarship grants to 50 freshmen taking up Secondary Education this school year to attract more young people to the teaching profession and boost Catholic education.

“Teaching is not an attractive and a lucrative profession here in the country so that many teachers are forced to work abroad,” Rector Fr. Ernesto Arceo, O.P. told the Varsitarian.

Arceo said that to qualify for the scholarship, applicants will be screened by the dean of Education to see if they are truly interested in teaching.

The scholars are required to maintain a grade of 2.25 and will not be allowed to shift to other courses.

The scholars are also required to attend formation programs such as community classes, and must support other scholars after they graduate so as to ensure the continuity of the program.

“The purpose of scholars supporting the succeeding batch of scholars is to ensure the stability of the scholarship,” College of Education Dean Clotilde Arcangel said.

Unlike other scholarships of the University, students who qualify for the 50 scholarship grants will be given full scholarships, inclusive of tuition and other fees, free lodging and other allowances during their four-year stay in the college.

As of May 22, 35 have qualified for scholarships out of the 122 who applied.

Although the scholars are not required to work in the country, Arceo said that if they managed to work abroad, he would still be happy because they would apply the values they learned from the University overseas.

“As Dominicans, this is very relevant because we as preachers need to evangelize, teach, and impart Christian values,” he said. Adrian T. Elumba and Kristine Jane R. Liu

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