THOMASIANS should expect shorter fireworks display in the Paskuhan and a “rationalized” tuition increase next school year as new UST Rector Fr. Ernesto Arceo, O.P. intends to reduce the University’s “superficial expenses.”

“I intend to cut back on expenses such as the unnecessary Christmas lights in the University,” Arceo said in a courtesy call with the Varsitarian last Nov. 22 at the Rector’s Hall.

In addition, Arceo said that instead of buying new Christmas lights, he has ordered the University to use the lights that were not used last year. He also plans to implement measures to streamline the expenses of the different offices in the University like cutting on unnecessary office materials.

“It is not being cheap. I would just like the University to develop a habit of spending only on the things it needs,” Arceo said.

He added that he has set a budget ceiling for all Christmas parties that would be held by the University’s different offices and departments.

He said he would also ensure that tuition increase would be in accordance with the inflation rate so students would find it relatively cheap to still study in UST.

Arceo explained that these measures are part of his vision of simplicity, one of the three platforms that he promised the University in his acceptance address during his installation rites last Nov. 9 at the UST Santissimo Rosario Parish. The other two platforms are moral integrity and competence.

He explained that the University has to cut back on expenses as it spent much in the construction of the Quadricentennial Park and the Plaza Mayor. He said UST will have to save for the construction of a multi-deck sports complex at the back of the carpark and a dormitory for students and foreign visitors at the back of the gym.

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However, he clarified that the University is not in a financial crisis.

“In terms of financial capability, we are doing fine. We are not in dire straits” Arceo said. “Rest assured that if something is important and needed, then we would spend on it. If not, then we would consider other options.” Jordan Mari S. De Leon


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