If you could reschedule Christmas, when would it be and why?

“April or May. Most of the time, we end up doing our plates during the December break, so we don’t get to enjoy the season.”
-William Kelvin Chua, fifth-year student,
College of Architecture

“December 16, so Christmas break would be longer.”
-Diana Tongson, Biology sophomore, College of Science

“January 1, so it coincides with the New Year celebration. It’ll be more fun.”
-Joubert Ambal, Information Technology freshman, Faculty of Engineering

“Any day of May, so that Christmas would be scheduled together with most Philippine fiestas.”
– Krystle Ambayec, junior, Faculty of Civil Law

“May 31, far from the New Year and Summer breaks. “
-Roman Gerard Eneuero, freshman, Conservatory of Music

What is your Christmas wish for UST?

“Effective water supply so the toilets would always be clean, and the fountain behind the Main Bldg. would not be turned off.”
-Lyka Yvonne Agorilla, junior, College of Nursing

“According to the Varsitarian, UST is among the 500 of the best international schools. I hope that the University would further improve its quality of education to scale a higher rank.”
-Mary Rose dela Peña, Communication Arts junior, Faculty of Arts and Letters

“More parking spaces.”
-Harold Lim, sophomore, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery

“Wi-fi internet hotspots within the University.”
-Fatima Joyce Bustinera, Psychology freshman, College of Science

“Online enrollment.”
-Avon Chan, Occupational Therapy junior, College of Rehabilitation Sciences

“More students enrolling in UST, and for the University to be consistent champions in the UAAP.”
-Ryan Dela Cruz, senior, Alfredo M. Velayo- College of Accountancy

Oras at kargo ngayong Pasko

“Centralized airconditioning inside the Main Bldg.”
-Jung Myung Jin, Mathematics senior, College of Science

“I hope that UST would continue helping working scholars like me.”
-Christine Ana Maria Castillo, junior, Communication Arts, Faculty of Arts and Letters


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