THE UNIVERSITY has said goodbye to 21 out of 63 faculty members still teaching past retirement age, after the Academic Senate and Council of Regents decided to give them “much-deserved rest.”

The decision — which will have a considerable effect on UST’s faculty profile — was reached during the annual joint meeting of college deans and regents, as well as UST Rector Fr. Rolando de la Rosa, O.P., last March.

During the closed-door meeting, it was agreed that a third of “extendee” faculty members — professors allowed to teach for another three years after reaching 65, would be relieved from teaching this coming school year.

However, professors in specialized fields, as in the case of programs in the Conservatory of Music, were allowed to teach for another year.

A total of 42 “extendee” professors were reappointed.

Acting Dean Cecilia Tio Cuison of the College of Tourism and Hospitality Management said the decision was reached by a majority vote.

Under the rules, a professor who has reached the legal retirement age of 65 would still be allowed to teach for a maximum of three more years if the Academic Senate finds it necessary.

However, this may be waived at the discretion of the Rector, under the UST’s collective bargaining agreement (CBA) with the Faculty Union

Clarita Carillo, vice rector for academic affairs, said the health of faculty members given extended tenure was also considered.

“Our office sends out memos every December to remind the academic units if they would want to recommend extendees. The recommendation must be made by the dean and the faculty council,” Carillo said in a letter to the Varsitarian.

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These recommendations must be accompanied by medical certificates issued by a UST physician stating that the faculty members are still physically fit to teach, she said.

‘It’s about time’

College of Architecture Dean John Joseph Fernandez said the decision was a prerogative of the administration as mandated by the University’s General Statutes (Article 44), the Faculty CBA (Article 12), and the Faculty Code (Article 9 Sec. 10).

“It is the prerogative of the Academic Senate. I think it is about time to give them rest and let the young handle their responsibilities,” Fernandez told the Varsitarian.

Fernandez said no consultation was required. But in his case, he opted to write a “thank you letter” to architect Maria Elena Cayanan, the only faculty “extendee” of the College of Architecture.

“Each of us (deans) had personal ways to inform them about it,” said Fernandez.


Among the relieved faculty members were veteran Spanish professors Luningning Ferrer and Josefina Gonzales.

Due to the dearth of Spanish professors in the University, Ferrer, who was affiliated with the Faculty of Arts and Letters, had been tasked by the Department of Languages to teach Spanish at the Faculty of Pharmacy last year.

Now, Department of Languages Director Marilu Madrunio is seeking help from Instituto Cervantes Manila, the Spanish cultural agency dedicated to the language, to find replacements for professors Gonzales and Ferrer.

“We are working for a tie-up with Instituto Cervantes,” Madrunio said in an earlier interview with the Varsitarian.

Arts and Letters Dean Armando de Jesus said he had submitted a proposal to extend the tenure of four “extendee” professors, including Ferrer and Gonzales, but was denied.

April twenty-fourth

In a telephone interview, Ferrer said she happily accepted the news and is now set to teach Spanish in another school.

“As a retiree, I have to continuously grow and learn. I am thankful to UST for giving me a chance to do my passion for 11 years, which is teaching,” Ferrer said.


The Faculty of Medicine and Surgery had the highest number of faculty members past 65, with 20 (six were relieved, while 14 were reappointed.) The Conservatory of Music and the Faculty of Civil Law both reappointed 11 “extendees” each. The Faculty of Pharmacy and the College of Nursing both reappointed two “extendees” each.

Institute of Physical Education and Athletics assistant director Felicitas Francisco and Elementary school principal Nenita Caralipio, both under the College of Education, were also reappointed.

The number of relieved professors from the different faculties and colleges are as follows: Arts and Letters, 5; Fine Arts and Design, 1; Commerce, 2; Tourism and Hospitality Management, 1; Science, 2; Engineering, 3; and Architecture, 1.

The Graduate School, the College of Rehabilitation Sciences, and the Alfredo M. Velayo-College of Accountancy have no faculty “extendees.”

Wanted: professors

Fernandez said hiring new professors is not a problem, particularly in Architecture, since many applicants have been screened.

“We of course prefer Thomasian graduates to replace them, but definitely not fresh grads,” Fernandez said.

But UST is not closing its doors to non-Thomasians, Fernandez said.

“We should also give chance to those who came from other institutions so as not to limit ourselves. We must be well-rounded by welcoming professors from outside the borders of UST,” Fernandez said.

5-year Nursing course nixed

Carillo supported Fernandez’ statement, adding that UST cannot “turn a blind eye to the graduates of other institutions, especially if they are highly qualified.”

“We do not have a monopoly of competence and commitment. There is always something to be learned from others,” she said. With reports from Jilly Anne A. Bulauan, Prinz P. Magtulis, Darenn G. Rodriguez and Cliff Harvey C. Venzon


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