OUTSIDERS who want to jog inside the University are now requested to get a “joggers pass,” a new security measure according to officials.

“The implementation of the jogger’s pass has been practiced for some time now,” Assistant Treasurer Leonardo Syjuco said. “This is to qualify the people going inside the campus and to avoid the entrance of people with hidden agenda.”

Applicants must submit a bio-data, two 2×2 photos, and pay a fee of P150.

The pass, which is valid for a year, may be revoked anytime the UST Security Office deems it necessary.

UST security office chief Clemente Dingayan said joggers caught without a pass would be informed first about the policy, but second-time offenders would be told to get out.

Dingayan recalled a sexual exhibitionist who had a habit of “pleasuring” himself in one corner of the “Lover’s Lane” while peering at other joggers who satisfy his “earthly urges.”

“He was brought to the police and his jogger’s pass was confiscated. He cannot apply for the pass again,” Dingayan said.

Syjuco said some graduates with alumni identification cards are sometimes allowed to jog even without the pass.

Students and University employees may jog as long as they show their IDs, Syjuco added.

Jose Jusay, president of the UST Joggers and Wellness Group, said the rule is a good initiative of the security office and must be followed religiously for the students’ welfare.

“The policy is good. This is to control the people going inside the campus and the hospital. It would also prevent criminals from entering (the campus),” Jusay, who has been jogging in UST for 25 years, said.

Sa loob ng karsel...

As of March this year, there are already 170 “legitimate” joggers in UST, according to the Treasurer’s Office. With reports from Jilly Anne A. Bulauan


      • bat dika marunong magbasa? san nkasulat na sa security office kukuha ng joggers pass? wala diba?
        e eto namang author ng article neto magsusulat ka na nga lang di mopa kinumpleto. dapat sinulat mo na rin kung san kukuha ng joggers pass. sa main building po sa 2nd floor.

  1. syado naman palang mga ill-tempered commentators ng V. btw… anyone has the idea on what will be the best time to jog in the UST? TIA


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