WHY NOT bring corpses back to life tomorrow?

Stupid (sarcastic, actually) as it is, this may have been the consequential question lingering in a seemingly dying idealistic mindset of a newbie in the Philippine national elections like that of this writer after listening to criticisms from simple conversations way up to the level of mass media. On one hand, people tend to unreasonably compare upcoming candidates for the 2010 elections with previous leaders whose alleged accomplishments seemed not to materialize. The other holds the shallow romantic’s bubble of false hopes.

The amusement of hearing “noong panahon namin” dries out whenever it becomes too preachy especially with regard to the previous national leaderships. Is it already despairing that some would take refuge in memories that even trace back to the dead? The demand to be a copycat as a son to his father – traditional politicians – and a loss of backbone says all for this problem. Why be unhygienic and fit in another’s worn-out shoe if one could create a new breeze from the old design? Total overhauls like revolutions do not qualify as a universal solution.

Meanwhile, what is more absurd is to wish for a prosperous country in the Juan Tamad way, which is to wait lazily for a miracle to happen. Needless to say, there are people who take advantage of elections for fleeting profits, which perhaps is the most ignorant feat that any citizen can do against his country. Perennially unrelenting is vote-buying. When could these people stop yearning that everything would naturally fall into place? I suppose death is the only thing fitting to that longing especially in this artificially “enhanced” world that man persistently manipulates.


Although the opening line of this column frowns upon the crowd described above by ridiculing their fascinations and their impossibilities, my message is still directed to a resolution of realizations on both ends. Let us wake up.

The two pulling strings with elections today settles either in reverting back to the past or so much in dream-dwelling, without a sense of living. The past and the future are mere perspectives of the present, which consists of the actions toward these views–existing.


Two and a half years ago, the Varsitarian was just too high for an ordinary sophomore Artlet to yearn for. All I was doing then entailed nothing extravagant, stressing, and admittedly meaningful–at least for me–compared to what I did for this publication.

Starting as a writer for the Witness Section, running around, in, and out of the campus was truly hard especially if a demanding editor would demand you to work on an article of national concern and ask you to submit it before lunch the next day. Despite the hassles, it was fun and fulfilling.

But what pushes the V staff to its limits are the extra-editorial activities especially the three main yearly events, Inkblots, Ustetika, and Pautakan, while the pressure of finishing a regular issue is on. These are when true colors emerge after certain tests of skills, tolerance, focus, and of course intellectual capacity.

With this, I thank the logistics people whom I worked with during the whole of my first year in the V. I’ll miss the tons of energy drinks and the fatigue that we endured together. Remember that even the hardest solutions can be found even in just a second. Just don’t panic.

Kissing the España soil

Cinevita 2008 has also been an unforgettable event that made me submit a good-for-three-hours final exam after 30 minutes from the start. Thank you, co-chair!

On my last issue as editor, I want to thank every staff member for bearing with the usual antics of a big bully while retaining even a small amount of respect for me. For those whom I have offended, my sincerest apologies.

To the incumbent batch, create your own marks. Learn from our mistakes. For the “incomings,” prove that your entry is a value to the publication. After this issue, both of your batches will merge as one… so be one.

To the “outgoings” batch, we know who we are. All salutations to you! You have done well on your academics and extra-curricular activities in an above-satisfactory level. For those who will still be staying on, may God bless you with abundant graces for you to carry on with your endeavors.

Congratulations and keep in touch. Feel the breeze of the Amihan! Viva Varsitarian!


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