ECONOMIC provisions of the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) between the administration and the faculty were revised last March 10, resulting in a two percent increase in salaries of faculty members starting next academic year.

UST Faculty Union President Gil Gamilla said the re-negotiated agreement did not include a “customary bonus” from the administration “due to economic hardship.” The administration is supposed to share in the “signing bonus” given upon the ratification of a new CBA.

Instead, faculty members got a P15,000 signing bonus from union funds. Professorial lecturers or contractual mentors hired before 2001 also got a signing bonus.

In 2008, faculty members received a P20,000 signing bonus after the ratification of the CBA for 2006-2011, P5,000 of which came from the University.

The re-negotiated CBA created a new salary scheme for professors according to their ranks, with instructors having a full 24-unit load getting P33,690 a month (Instructor 1) to P42,231 a month (Instructor 5).

Under the previous CBA, instructors got only a maximum of P40,293 a month.

The three levels of assistant professors will get P44,715, P47,982, and P51,495, respectively, while associate professors 1-3 will be given P63,102, P68,665, and P74, 728, accordingly, for 24-unit loads.

This was an increase from maximum of P49,254 for assistant professor 3 and P71,476.67 for associate professor 3.

Meanwhile, a full professor 3 will get P101,852, up from the original P97,419.

On top of these, Gamilla said faculty members would receive a lump sum adjustment since the increase was effective for the academic year 2009-2010.

“So, the salary increase [which were not given in] those months shall be given in lump sum.”

Another tuition increase seen next year

Under the CBA terms, economic provisions should be re-negotiated “not later than three years of its implementation.”

Under the law, 70 percent of the tuition increase must go to faculty and school employees’ salaries, 20 percent is for the school’s operating expenses, while the remaining 10 percent will serve as return on investment.

In school year 2008-2009, the faculty got a P42.28 across-the-board unit increase per month to P1,032.27 a month for professors teaching a 24-unit load. Mentors were also given meal allowance, asm well as rice and clothing benefits, among others. Cliff Harvey C. Venzon


  1. What does it mean to have a full teaching load of 24 units? If each subject is worth 3 units, does it mean that a professor should teach a minimum of 8 subjects regardless of how many sections he or she is handling for each, or does counting consider the number of sections handled by the professor (e.g., the professor is teaching only two 3-unit subjects but he/she is teaching each to four sections)?

    • If each subject is worth 3 units, does it mean that a professor should teach a minimum of 8 subjects> Yes. Per subject excluding sections, ex: in 4ECO a prof can teach research and advanced stat, that is 6 units, 1 section (4ECO).

  2. If I apply for a part-time, and first time, teaching job, would the per-unit rate be same as with Instructor 1?
    P33,690.00 / 24 units = P1403.75
    let’s say I’ll only take 3 units
    P1403.75 x 3 = P4211.25

    or is there a different way of computing it? like with basic pay and all.


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