Since the day I found out that you were running for the presidency, I couldn’t help but think that it was nothing but a “spur-of-the-moment” brought about my your mother’s death..

I doubted your competence in leading a nation that has sunk in deep problems of poverty and corruption.

However, as I see the election surveys in the news, with you ranking solidly in the leader boards, I started considering the idea that you may really be the one that people trust to help them climb up from the slumps of poverty.

I would like to think that you earned this trust not only because of what your parents had accomplished, but what you have achieved.

Now, let me give you some unsolicited advice on ways I think you could do to save your people.

First, I challenge you not to appoint relatives or close friends to your administration

Assign men and women who are not only experts in their chosen fields but also have unstained integrity. Appoint them because they are capable and not because they are close to you.

Second, I ask that you remain true to your word. Everyone was moved by your election slogan, “Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap”. Filipinos are hungry and thirsty for clean and honest government. Take the first step toward sincere leadership.

Third, I insist that you continue investigating on the lawsuits against outgoing President Macapagal-Arroyo. If you believe it is just that she has to be investigated for corruption, do so.

Fourth, your mother restored democracy when she vanquished the Marcos dictatorship. Now bring back the democracy by electoral reforms. Make sure that in 2016, the voice of the people shall prevail and not the voice of somebody like “Garci.”

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Fifth, serve justice to the victims of press killings. The inability of a leader to solve these cases and serve justice to the victims reflect on his capacity to direct the nation. Solve the extra-judicial killings left by Arroyo. Bring back law and order and respect for life and human dignity under your administration.

Last, I dare you to stay out of the shadows of your parents and create your own legacy. I challenge you to prove that you have the making of another hero and a compassionate president. At the very least, be decent.

Make the most of your term because, as they say, six years is too long for a bad president and too short for a good one. Show that you deserve the highest office; that you won it because you earned it, and not because of birthright.


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