Nanguna ang College of Tourism and Hospitality Management sa paglunsad sa kaunaunahang asignaturang Tourism and Hospitality English sa buong mundo at ang kauna-unahang language laboratory sa Unibersidad.

“You are in the 21st century, you are the digital age,” ani Joy Perilla, tagapagsalita ng Microdata sa CTHM nang magkaroon ng blessing sa bagong gawang e-classroom na language laboratory sa Albertus Magnus Building.

Sabi ni Sheryll Sampang, guro ng Inges sa College of Tourism and Hospitality Management at ang namuno sa paglulunsad ng Toursim and Hospitality English na kurso, “This is the first language laboratory in the University.”

Sabi ni Maria Cecilia Tio Cuison, dekana ng CTHM, “It [the language programs] can be taught in a regular classroom, but it would be more effective if we have a language laboratory such as the one we have conceived right now. Because the one we have conceived also comes from [other] language schools. We have individuals who had the initiative to come up with it like Mr. Medina and Ms. Sampang, but of course in consultation of the language partners that we have.”

Ang nagamit na pondo ukol sa proyektong ito ay humigit-kumulang apat na milyong piso ayon kay Dean Tio Quizon ng CTHM. “Equipment pa lang, dalawa at kalahating milyon na.”

“This [speech lab] is meant for the special language courses we have, the special Tourism English that we have conceived. Not to mention our Foreign Language courses.” Dagdag pa ni Tio Cuison, “Since we’re in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry, we have to intensify our English. Like to know what are the usual lingos in the industry.”

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Mga kagamitan

Ang mga equipment na naroroon sa naturang language laboratory ay headset, audio panel, Mimio interactive toolbar at ang Sanako Multimedia language speech lab solutions.

Inintroduce nila ang Mimio interactive toolbar, isang portable at user-friendly na uri ng makinarya na pwedeng magsulat tulad ng chalk, at pwede ring magbura. “Goodbye chalk and markers,” dagdag ni Perilla noong ito ay nagdemo.

“Eventually. That was somewhat their vision for the university. No chalk, no marker, that there would be a boardless classroom. There is one school in the Global city that has this boardless classroom. It’s like what you see in the movies,” sagot ni Tio Cuison, nang tanungin ukol sa posibilidad na maging isang boardless university ng UST.

Ang Microdata ang kumpanya na nagsusuplay ng mga projector sa buong Unibersidad.

Sabi ni Perilla, “One of the best things about Sanako is that we can talk one on one, or, we can talk to the whole class with just a headset.” “[Another feature of the Sanako] is the absent/present button which they [students] can press and it automatically registers in the [teacher’s] computer which of the seats with the corresponding students are absent.”


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